Aerospace engineer: turbomachinery and aerodynamics


The candidate will be responsible for directing and carrying out the development and analysis of the design of the turbomachinery and the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The right candidate for this position must have theoretical and practical engineering knowledge to define requirements, analysis, development and testing of the vehicle’s turbomachinery. This position requires a candidate with good skills in team management and projects.

  • Lead the design of the turbomachinery using 3D modeling software and computational fluid dynamics.
  • Analyze and develop the design of turbomachinery with analytical calculations and CFD.
  • Work with the rest of the technical team to develop validation methods for the components and subsystems.
  • Analyze the aerodynamics of the vehicle.


      • Degree or higher in aerospace engineering, major in propulsion will be an asset.
      • Competent with SolidWorks, as well as with ANSYS fluent or similar CFD software.
      • Preferably with experience managing teams and projects.
      • Good level of English


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