Zeleros awarded with Fundación Everis Prize!

The race for building the future of transportation has begun and our team is growing really fast. However, we are still looking The Casino de Madrid played host to the everis Awards 2017 prize-giving ceremony, at which the everis foundation awarded the prize to the Spanish startup Zeleros, a project by Spanish engineers that is developing the technology to build vehicles for the ‘Hyperloop’ transport system.

The jury recognized Zeleros for its proposal to make Europe a powerhouse in the development of new disruptive transport technologies. The winning idea, to enable people and goods to sustainably travel at more than 1,000 km/h through a depressurized tube, combines the best contributions of the aeronautical and rail industries.

The winning team, which developed the idea at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, received a cash prize of 60,000 euros award and the right to use consultancy services offered by i-deals (everis group), worth 10,000 euros. For David Pistoni, co-founder and CEO of Zeleros, the award will enable us to “accelerate the development of these new technologies together with our partners, getting us closer and closer to this transport revolution that will change the way we live”.

The jury also awarded a €10,000 runner-up prize to the Colombian interacpedia project, an initiative that connects universities and students to the entrepreneurial ecosystem through a digital co-creation platform that allows academic proposals to be transformed into innovative projects. In the words of Santiago Lalinde, co-founder and CEO of interacpedia, “our great success at interacpedia is the impact we have had on society, making disruptive changes in Colombian education. This award motivates us to keep doing things well and to keep facing challenges in order to keep creating fun and disruptive scenarios that in the medium term will turn into concrete actions to change the world.”

Participation of Norman Foster, world leader in innovation

Fernando Francés, president of everis, and Eugenio Gadón, president of the everis foundation, inaugurated a workshop at which Norman Foster, one of the most important contemporary architects and an international leader in innovation, was present. Foster, an expert in urban development and its impact on society, was responsible for awarding the prizes and giving a talk on the pillars of future innovation.

Record number of projects presented worldwide

The everis Awards recognized technological projects that focused on driving society in areas such as the digital economy, industrial and energy technologies, and biotechnology and health. In 2017, the foundation received over 1,260 applications from 28 countries, more than double the number of the previous edition. “We are proud of the global impact the everis Awards have had. To have over 1,000 different projects from around 30 countries is a reflection of the international interest there is in entrepreneurship and innovation. Consequently, we at the everis foundation believe it is essential to continue supporting distinctive ideas that can transform the society in which we live”, explained Eugenio Galdón, president of the everis foundation.

Together with Galdón, the jury of the 16th edition was made up of Noemí Sanín, CEO of everis Colombia; Miguel A. González Ballester, professor at the Pompeu Fabra University; Montserrat Mateos, journalist for the fiinancial newspaper Expansión; Stephan Morais, General Manager of Indico Capital Partners; Ángel Santos, founder of CRB Inverbío; Julio de Castro, professor at the IE Business School; Mariano Provencio, physician, Director of Oncology at the Hospital Puerta del Hierro; Carlos Emilio Gómez, founder of 7r Ventures; Miguel Ángel Alario y Franco, professor and former president of the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences; Bruno Fernández Scrimieri, CEO at ENISA; and Joana Simoës-Correia, winner of the everis Award 2016.

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