The technology
Zeleros' system minimizes infrastructure complexity to achieve a scalable solution that will enable long-distance travel at +1000 km/h.

Vehicle technologies

By integrating Zeleros’ main levitation and propulsion technologies in the vehicle, the electrification needs of infrastructure are reduced, resulting in lower costs and easier maintenance.

Reduced infrastructure cost

Zeleros’ fully-autonomous vehicle enables the use of a tubular infrastructure which has reduced contruction and maintenance costs in comparison with other high-speed ground transport systems.

Safe pressure levels

Thanks to the use of aerodynamic propulsion systems, the Zeleros’ hyperloop system can operate at safe pressure levels which are already tested at commercial scale.

Sustainable infrastructure

Reducing infrastructure complexity is Zeleros’ key objective, which is achieved by means of disruptive vehicle technologies and the addition of renewable sources of energy to reduce infrastructure operation costs.

The team
Determined to change the concept of mobility, we have assembled a team of engineers and business people decided to transformate the way humanity moves.
The Founders
Daniel Orient
Chief Technical Officer
David Pistoni
Chief Executive Officer
Juan Vicen
Chief Marketing Officer
PnP Spain Cofounder
Former Chief Innovation Officer
Research & Development ASD Director
The ecosystem
At Zeleros we believe that, as in any other development of a new mean of transport, collaboration is the key for the acceleration and integration of the development efforts in order to reach a fully interoperable system. Zeleros is partnering up with key industry leaders to make it a reality.

Proyecto “Investigación de sistema de atracción magnética y construcción de prototipo para el desarrollo de un sistema de levitación por atracción y por electroimanes para sistema de transporte de alta velocidad” subvencionado por los fondos FEDER, dentro del Programa Operativo de la Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020 con la cantidad de 49.988,63€ bajo el programa CREATEC-CV.

El proyecto tiene como objetivo construir un prototipo demostrador de tecnologías de levitación magnética por atracción, consistente en un sistema de imanes permanentes y electroimanes para su posible implementación en un sistema de transporte a alta velocidad.

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