Azimut is our most advanced piece of battery technology, engineered for demanding applications, such as areospace, defense and hypercars

On-going certification process for the following:

For all those applications that truly need Power

High Power

Azimut offers a unique power-to-energy ratio for the most demanding applications

High Voltage

Able to fulfil the highest voltage demands. For Azimut this is no problem


From the design to its materials, Azimut is designed to maximize efficiency of all its

Design Philosophy

Our most
advanced battery technology

Our services

Battery Management System

High-class customized battery software
In-house development of digital-twins of the batteries’ behavior based on the cell testing results (Model-Based Design Engineering), which allows us to obtain customized BMS algorithms of high accuracy (average of >98% match in existing references)


Active Levitation Systems

Zeleros has designed an active levitation system technology at TRL 4, that is capable of efficiently lifting heavy weights, guiding them thanks to an autonomous robotic interface. We cover the design, manufacturing & integration.

Levitation Architecture
Combination of permanent magnets and electromagnets arranged in a way that the weight per unit of power is maximized.

System Control
The control of the system in key to guarantee maximum performance and safety levels during the navigation of the system





Hybrid Configurations

up to 500 kW

Peak Power

up to 120 kWh

Nominal Energy

up to 800 V

Nominal Voltage

Azimut Module

Tech Specs

Product nameAzimut
Installed Energy11.7kWh
Nominal Voltage (min | max)88.8V (60V | 100.8V)
Cell TechnologyLi-ion NMC
Peak Discharge50kW (4C)
Discharge35kW (3C)
Cooling methodLiquid
Dimensions1294x576x134 mm
Degree of ProtectionIP67

Boosting an
electric future

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