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Zeleros' birth

Zeleros starts its project in November 2016, after its founders were triple awarded in a competition organized in USA by Space X (Elon Musk) as «Hyperloop UPV» team of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

David, Juan and Daniel decide to create Zeleros with the ultimate goal of revolutionizing the way we move people and cargo.



Initially, Zeleros started crafting its changing-the-future-of-mobility vision by developing the complete hyperloop system, until landing the idea and focusing on the development of an autonomous, electric vehicle that would integrate most of its technology on board, aspect that allows lowering infrastructure costs and thus, making it a scalable system.

Infrastructure development is left to other companies and agencies

First prototypes of the levitation unit with a small automatic characterization bench are built.

Zeleros starts getting the support of companies such as EIT Climate-Kic and Everis Foundation.

First Developments

Zeleros enters the Lanzadera Accelerator programme and gets a seed round from Plug & Play, Angels Capital & business angels.

The focus is on the levitation subsytem: electro magnetism & control. Static and dynamic models of the hyperloop levitation system are delivered and control strategies for vehicle dynamics are proposed.

A conceptual demonstrator of the Hybrid Electro-Magnetic Suspension (HEMS) technology is carried out.

We also collaborate with world experts in materials and simulation of the physics involved, and develop other relevant systems and components for integrated system validation together with technological research centers.

We sign the first cooperation agreement with hyperloop firms for a common EU-wide network.


Industrial involvement

First collaborations with Renfe, Altran & Siemens.

Progress in vehicle prototypes focusing in aerodynamic and electromagnetic propulsión.
Scaling up of the levitation system for the scaled demonstrator, and we optimize the unit bench for characterization and validation.

Progress in vehicle prototypes focusing in aerodynamic & electromagnetic propulsión, and critical systems such as braking. A magnetic brake and a pneumatic active friction brake are delivered.

We also make the first integration in system design in a demonstrator vehicle both at modeling and simulation level, and develop together with a research center, materials for hyperloop environment (low pressure and 600 km/h speeds).

We are awarded with Best EU Company Award from the EU Institute of Innovation & Technology.

The first EU hyperloop regulations’ discussion takes place.


Corporate Investment & Hyperlab

€7M round with Redeia Elewit, Capgemini Engineering, MBHA, Road Ventures & Goldacre

Creation of Hyper-Lab to accelerate technology development.
The Spanish Air Force gives Zeleros an aviation compressor. We study how this engine behaves in hyperloop conditions (in a low pressure tube and at <500 km/h) and which is the ideal engine for this application. Integration between compressor and electric motor is designed and developed.

Moreover, a set of motor and inverter is dimensioned, as well as the complete associated power-train system for integration and operation in the necessary conditions to keep the compressor within the operating map. Proof of these tests are the Aperturas or HL-Powertrain projects, for example (discover more about our projects in our Blog section).

Spain gains the leadership in the world’s 1st hyperloop Standardization Committee. Hyperloop gets included in the EU Commission’s mobility strategy.

International reach

Acciona, CAF antd EIT InnoEnergy become partners & investors.

We build 6 hyperloop technology prototypes at Hyper-Lab and in partners sites. A propulsion system proposal is made for a commercial hyperloop and it is validated that the engine provided by the Spanish Army can be integrated into a full-scale vehicle on a test track.
The design of the levitation units is improved, increasing performance.

We exhibit our hyperloop vehicle at the Universal Expo in UAE, and release our document «Vision 2050 for a Global Hyperloop Network».

Spain gains the lead in Hypernex to ignite hyperloop in Europe.
Hyperloop gets in the US infrastructure bill.


Industrial alliances and pilots

ITP becomes investor and industrial partner.

We start the construction of a test track in Sagunto Port, HyperTrack, where Eurostars project is carried out, achieving the validation of our switched reluctance linear motor design. In this project, tests and validations are carried out to demonstrate the optimal dynamics, mechanics, positioning and energy use of the linear motor as an electromagnetic launching system for the hyperloop vehicle.

Ultra-high speed braking test is carried out with Arcelor Mittal.

Regulatory works at EU level fostering hyperloop ecosystem works.
+2B€ in projects are announced with hyperloop as an option.

Technical breakthroughs and e-mobility expansion

We secure key mobility public-funded projects: NextGeneration EU PERTE VEC and PERTE Aeroespacial

#HyperTrackSagunto and hyperloop powertrain testing get completed. It gets proven that this system has different commercial electric mobility applications in other markets, such as drone launcher or cargo movement in port areas.
Moreover, we develop electrification solutions for high performance transport applications: SELF and batteries.

High power battery packs are designed to meet the needs of hyperloop and other high-demand, high-performance systems such as aviation.

The European Commission includes the creation of a regulatory framework for hyperloop.
Zeleros co-founds The Hyperloop Association with 7 leading hyperloop companies and partnerships with Hyperloop Development Program and Hardt.

Zeleros' big leap: focusing on advanced mobility

After reaching a crucial stage of technological validation, we are expanding our commercial focus towards related business niches that will allow us to continue advancing in this project

We are embarking on a new stage focused on boosting our business by adapting our electrification and automation technologies for the mobility sector. This new phase updates our strategic plan, applying the know-how generated over the last 7 years to segments such as logistics, marine, aerospace and defence. 

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