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Do you want to be at the forefront of technology and to develop with us the future of global mobility? Zeleros is one of the main global players developing hyperloop, the fifth mode of transportation.

At Zeleros we are seeking highly-committed, highly-autonomous individuals with passion for transportation, who are ready to work efficiently in highly-demanding environments, accepting challenges and dealing with uncertainty, expanding the frontiers of technology. In reward, candidates enjoy unlimited development opportunities and the chance to be part of a new generation of innovators and leaders who are revolutionising transport as we know it.

Wanna travel fast? Write the history of transport with us. Let’s build the future together!


The candidate will be responsible for the design and coordination of the infrastructure projects of the company.

  • Design of infrastructure components (tube, joints, pillars, airlocks, etc) and systems
  • Contact point with suppliers and partners
  • Coordination with other departments
  • Analysis of requirements


  • MSc or higher in Civil Engineering
  • Experience in management of large infrastructure projects
  • Experience with suppliers
  • Knowledge about logistics and mobility


The candidate will be responsible for the software architecture of the vehicle and programming the firmware of the prototypes, as well as the different tests carried out in our facilities. It is valuable for the candidate to have experience in hardware design.

  • Firmware programming for different embedded microcontrollers used in tests and prototypes
  • Vehicle onboard computer programming and unit tests
  • Basic electronic design for tests and prototypes


  • BSc or higher in Engineering
  • Experience in microcontroller programming (mainly ARM Cortex)
  • Experience in LabVIEW Real Time programming (for compactRIO systems) and LabVIEW CLD certification will be valued
  • Experience / knowledge in electronic circuit design and PCB assembly will be valued



The candidate will be responsible for the design and deployment of the marketing strategy, including press and social media, updating both general public and partners about the progress of the company. The candidate should demonstrate strong writing skills in English and Spanish, an eye for design, experience in creation of press releases and articles, advanced use of social media planning software, and effective use of resources and coordination of people for maximizing the impact.

  • Design and deployment of the company’s marketing strategy
  • Design of the media campaigns and coordination of 3rd parties
  • Update of content for the website and newsletters
  • Support in the organisation of promotional activities and events
  • Management, planning and design of social media contents


  • MSc or higher in Marketing or Communications.
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills in English and Spanish.
  • Experience in the design and deployment of marketing campaigns.
  • Experience dealing with artists, media and other stakeholders.
  • Experience with social media management and analysis software.
  • Creative mindset with the ability to come up with new ideas.
  • Good network of contacts in the media industry would be a plus.
  • Knowledge of video-editing, 3D design, photography and rendering would be a plus.


The candidate will be responsible for the support to the business team in implementing the international standardisation strategy. The candidate should be capable of dealing with European and international regulations and standards and to protect the company’s interests during the process.

  • Active participation in the meetings and roundtables on standardisation, regulation and certification
  • Bringing the necessary stakeholders together in the standardisation process
  • Dealing with institutions, regulatory bodies, standardisation committees and other stakeholders
  • Analysis of the standardisation strategy and definition of future strategies


  • MSc. or higher in one (or more) of the following fields: European studies, Politics, and External Relations, Strategy, Business Development or Business & Technology
  • Proven experience in the transport field (railway, aerospace, transport infrastructures)
  • Deep understanding of standardisation, regulation and certification
  • Basic knowledge of technology and passion for science
  • Strong management and negotiation skills
  • Strong written and communication skills in English and Spanish (other languages are a plus)


The candidate will be responsible for providing support to both the technical and business areas in their successful development of their daily activities. The candidate should be a well-organized person with interest for innovative technology projects and passion for administration and finance.

  • Management of agendas/travel bookings/appointments for the team
  • Control and organize the correct submission and processing of purchases, payments and invoices
  • Update of internal databases and employee records
  • Support with presentations and events


  • Experience with office procedures, calendar and e-mail services
  • Good organizational and time-management skills
  • Good communication and written skills
  • Proven experience as an Administrator
  • Advanced use of Microsoft Office and Google Drive


The candidate will be responsible for the creation of the design and visual projects of the company and the management of the creation by third parties, ensuring the clear transmission and communication of the company’s values, interests and expectations.

  • Development of the creative image of the company according to the company’s values, interests and expectations.
  • Conceptualization, creation and design of the multimedia elements for the use in different applications. These elements may include: presentations, 2D and 3D designs, renderings, videos, pictures, animations, models, website contents, merchandising.. among others.
  • Definition of the style and tone of communications with stakeholders, supporting with the marketing and communication teams.
  • Watch for the interests of the company and look for the balance with the needs of the business and the technical limitations.
  • Coordination with the team, clients, stakeholders and third parties for the successful delivery of creative projects.
  • Interaction with other areas of the company: Operations, Business and Technical.


  • BSc or higher in Graphic Design, Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Architecture, Visual Communications or similar degree.
  • Demonstrated experience (portfolio) in design and creative projects.
  • Advanced use of drafting, sketching, design and development tools such as: 2D/3D design and rendering software, photography and video editing software, fabrication and prototyping technologies, website editing software, among others.
  • Good understanding of human factors and ergonomics in the design process.
  • Experience in dealing with artists, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Creative mindset with the ability to come up with new ideas.
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills. Multitasking capability.
  • Good network of contacts within the multimedia/creative industry would be a plus.
  • Interest in technology, transport systems, creativity, innovation and new trends.
  • Good level of Spanish and English.


  • Workplace: Valencia (Spain)
  • Should you have problems uploading the documents (CV, cover letter, portoflio…), you can send an email with the same information to




The candidate will assist the team in CAD design and 3D modeling tasks, in the prototyping and assembly of tests. The applicant will be in charge of the technical part of the prototyping for the experiments that will be carried out in the different projects that are carried out in Zeleros, applying, among other things, 3D printing techniques. In addition, the candidate must be responsible for drafting documents.

  • To assist the team of structures in the development of drawing and designs
  • To report the team lead and create technical reports
  • To coordinate with suppliers
  • Experience with technical documents.


  • Engineer / engineering student Knowledge of CAD programs and 3D modeling (SolidWorks, Inventor …).
  • Experience in 3D printing will be valued.
  • High english level.
  • Experience with technical documents.


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