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Develop with us the future of global mobility

The future is now

Our people are paving the way to overcome such a massive challenge, exploring the boundaries of a new transport mode and cutting-edge technologies.


Build with us the future of transportation

At Zeleros we are looking for thinkers and doers, who are highly-committed to tackle challenging projects that will enable to revolutionize transport as we know. ​We believe that hard work and innovative solutions are the key variables to achieve our ambitious goal. As a result, we prioritize hiring diverse world-class talent and cultivating a culture based on merit.

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Why join Zeleros?

Zeleros people day-to-day

We redesign what is known as transportation with world-class talent with a shared commitment to make a positive impact in our planet.

Our Purpose

Our main objective is to develop a new mean of transportation capable of efficiency redesign how the world moves. Our high-speed and zero-emission solution, will give the world unlimmited possibilities to unlock economic and social opportunities while taking care of our planet.

Our team

Zeleros is a diverse place where people are valued for their knowledge, attitude and determination. We empower our team by giving them responsibilities, opportunities and support along the way. ​

Our product

We are pushing the known boundaries of technology. Our challenge is not only design a new revolutionary transportation system but create a new industry while securing the highest safety standards for our system. And the best part is that you become a key enabler of this revolution.

Our benefits

From health insurance to language classes or training, we continually invest in taking care of our team and its profesional development. ​ Besides, we offer flexible work schedules and 2 day per week of remote work to improve the work-life balance of our team. ​



People first

The cultural diversity within our team creates a great environment to grow both personally and professionally.


We are committed to the responsibility of our company towards our employees and our planet as for a safer and more sustainable mobility.


We are aware of the necessity to protect our planet, thus focus our efforts on improving our lifestyle to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.


Innovation drives action: to take risks, motivate curiosity and fresh ideas, learn from error, and constantly strive to exceed expectations.

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