D-HUB: Decarbonization HUB-dCO2 for adaptive, modular, multi-reference manufacturing of VECs

The irruption of full-electric mobility technologies has penetrated primarily on low- and mid-power light vehicles (such as scooters and motorcycles) and urban mobility vehicles. The D-Hub project aims to dinamise the value chain to lead this sector enabling capabilities for the design and production of a complete range of electric mobility components and vehicles to allow multi-reference and multi-brand manufacturing.

High power mobility applications like long-range, SuperCars and racing, or other means like electric aviation or railway require higher maturity and specific high-performance features, especially with regard to the energy storage systems. One of the key bottlenecks to unlock the full potential of electric mobility to reach the society is placed on the development of high-performing energy storage technologies. Zeleros’ mission in D-Hub consists on the industrial and experimental research needed for the design, integration, prototyping, testing and validation of a specific igh-performance battery pack to fulfil high-power mobility applications requirements suited to the demands of different electric vehicle needs, such as sport and racing car, electric aviation, maritime, railway and guided transport (such as maglev and hyperloop).

The main challenge is to research the integration, in a novel pack design, of new high-power and high-energy density cells, with an industrialization forecast in the mid- to long-term, in order to develop a competitive advantage by developing key battery pack elements (advanced materials, electric design and integration, mechanical and thermal aspects, etc.) for the future mass industrialization of such emerging technologies.

The expected impact is twofold: in the short-term, it is focused on technology research towards readiness level advancement, while in the long-term it pursues to develop advanced capabilities for the electric mobility industrial sector to accomplish the electrification of the high-power and high-energy segments, niches which are nowadays still blocked by the existing limitations of state-of-art technologies due to high-performance demanded to batteries systems, still not fulfilled by the available technologies in the market

Acronym: D-HUB 

Title: D-HUB: Decarbonization HUB-dCO2 for adaptive, modular, multi-reference manufacturing of VECs   

ID: VEC-010000-2022-7 


– Tractor Project: 273 M€ 

– Zeleros’ Primary Project: 2.888.495 € 

 Duration: 30 months (01/08/2022 – 31/01/2025) 

 Program: PERTE-VEC: Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) for the development of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (EV).


Fundind: Project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism through Strategic Projects for the Recovery and Economic Transformation in the Connected Electric Vehicle Sector (PERTE-VEC), and by the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Mechanism: 


About Zeleros

Zeleros is the leading Spanish company in the development of hyperloop technologies that offers electrification and automation solutions in the field of mobility in sectors such as marine, aerospace, defence or logistics, among others.

Pioneers in the transition to a smarter and cleaner mobility, Zeleros presents itself as an electrification and automation partner, offering a cross-cutting, customized, and Spain-branded service. Thanks to its track record in disruptive projects such as hyperloop, they have acquired know-how that allows them to offer agile engineering in complex electrification projects or with still very traditional processes, accompanying companies from start to finish and with a clear focus on efficiency and sustainability.

Zeleros is supported by renowned industrial players from around the world such as ACCIONA, Elewit, EIT Innoenergy, CAF, ITP Aero, ArcelorMittal, or Capgemini Engineering, as well as private investors such as Angels Capital (Spain), Plug and Play (USA), Road Ventures (Switzerland), and Goldacre (UK), who have supported the project to date. Together with them, the company has also received support from European funds and public bodies such as the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities; the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge through the PERTE-VEC, as well as from the Generalitat Valenciana and the Valencian Innovation Agency. 

Additionally, Zeleros collaborates with research centers such as CIEMAT, UPV, UPM, and is active in the USA, the Middle East, and North Africa and Asia, to achieve global impact and reach potential customers.



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