ITP Aero partners up with Zeleros to accelerate hyperloop propulsion

    • ITP Aero will help develop a zero-emission propulsion system for hyperloop
    • Hyperloop is a new ground level means of transport that travels at unprecedented speeds with zero direct emissions.

Valencia. September 8, 2022

ITP Aero has partnered with Zeleros to help develop a zero-emission propulsion system for hyperloop, a new means of transport consisting of capsules levitating at high speeds inside a network of low-pressure tubes. 

Zeleros is a Spanish deep-tech company developing the European scalable hyperloop for intercity transportation of passengers and goods, traveling at a ground level and unprecedented speeds with zero direct emissions. Zeleros leads the design and build of hyperloop vehicles that reduce infrastructure costs per kilometer and work at aviation pressure levels. 

The aerodynamic propulsion system, a core element of Zeleros’ vehicle, is integrated in the vehicle and driven by a fully electric powertrain. This key technology minimizes the need of linear motors along the track, reducing the cost of infrastructure, and facilitating hyperloop’s scalability for global deployment. 

Zeleros' pod x ITP Aero

ITP Aero is developing new zero-emission propulsion technology by leveraging its knowledge gained through existing ultra-efficient gas turbine developments, and electric/hydrogen powered engine technologies. Exploring new pathways for disruptive mobility with Zeleros forms part of ITP Aero’s sustainability and innovation efforts, aligned with its future aviation decarbonization plans.

Erlantz Cristóbal, Executive Director of Engineering and Technology of ITP Aero, said: “This partnership represents another key milestone in our efforts to lead the way towards sustainable mobility. We are proud to support such an ambitious project like Zeleros’ hyperloop through our technology, in line with our commitment to lead the transition to a net-zero emissions mobility”.

David Pistoni, CEO and Co-founder of Zeleros, highlights: “Zeleros proposal of a propulsion system is unique, both outside and within the hyperloop ecosystem. This key technology differentiator brings advantages in cost and in safety to our hyperloop. We are honored to partner up with such an experienced high skilled company in engines like ITP Aero for this joint development that will further accelerate Zeleros’ sustainable mobility solution”. 

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Zeleros' pod x ITP Aero



Why Zeleros ’aerodynamic propulsion system is a key enabler for hyperloop scalability and safety? Learn more here.

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