Zeleros strengthens European hyperloop ecosystem by joining the Hyperloop Development Program

The Hague, Nov 7, 2023 

Zeleros, a leading European deep-tech company specializing in hyperloop vehicle design and development, is now a partner within the Hyperloop Development Program (HDP). This collaboration marks a significant step toward revolutionizing high-speed transportation in Europe and beyond.

David Pistoni, CEO of Zeleros, emphasized, “Our partnership with the HDP represents a significant milestone in the development of hyperloop technology. Together, we are poised to redefine transportation in Europe and accelerate the transition towards sustainable, high-speed travel“.

By joining forces with the HDP, Zeleros aims to contribute to the growing hyperloop ecosystem, fostering innovation and multiplying industrial progress. The company will test some of its propulsion developments at the track in Groningen in the Netherlands, complementary to the ones already executed in dynamic test tracks in Spain, thus allowing acceleration of technology validation towards hyperloop commercialization.

Maarten Vanneste, from Denys and representing the partners as an HDP Board Member, stated, “Working together and open innovation play a crucial role in advancing hyperloop as a new transport modality. Since its inception in 2020, the Hyperloop Development Program has witnessed consistent expansion through the addition of partner organizations. The inclusion of Zeleros marks a significant milestone on our path towards faster, more eco-friendly, and efficient transportation”.

Zeleros’ involvement will facilitate stronger ties between HDP partners and ongoing projects in Spain, such as the Hypertrack in Sagunto and the announced Castilla la Mancha test track. Sharing learnings between all HDP stakeholders will also be a key cornerstone of this collaboration to further enhance the advancement of hyperloop.

Coen de Ronde, Director of the Hyperloop Development Program, commented, “Zeleros is a natural fit within the Hyperloop Development Program, which already includes esteemed partners like Eurotube, Hardt Hyperloop, the Institute of Hyperloop Technology of Hochschule Emden/Leer, and Nevomo. Together, we are building an interconnected hyperloop community”.


For media inquiries and further information about Zeleros ’partnership with the Hyperloop Development Program, please contact:

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About Zeleros

Zeleros is a European deep-tech company at the forefront of hyperloop technology development. The company’s mission is to revolutionize transportation by creating fully electric and automated mobility solutions for a more efficient, sustainable, and resilient transport of people and freight.

About the Hyperloop Development Program

The Hyperloop Development Program (HDP) is a collaborative initiative aimed at accelerating the development and adoption of hyperloop technology in Europe. The program brings together innovative companies, research institutes, and industry leaders to drive progress in the hyperloop sector.

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