MODALT: project co-financed by the Valencian Agency for Innovation

The main goal in MODALT is to study, model, design and prototype a high-performance energy storage module, and its integration to build battery packs for high-power and high-energy electric mobility applications. In particular, MODALT will study and research new cells and materials modelling, characterizing and testing their electric, mechanical and thermal behaviour towards optimizing an advanced casing and isolation design. 

MODALT will explore: 

  • Definition of common battery module properties and configuration for different use cases capable to scale-up battery pack technology to fulfil high-power transport needs and requirements. 
  • Study and design of a light and safe module case, paying particular attention to its mechanical design (geometry, distribution, connections, wiring, cooling, etc.), and research on the use of advanced composite materials both for the lower case (battery carrier) and upper case (battery lid or cover) on a way they fulfil mechanical requirements, resilience to fire and electromagnetic interference, while enhancing light weight. 
  • Modelling and evaluation of the module performance and safety, in standard and extreme conditions, by means of computational modelling (thermal modelling with 3D resolution). In order for the model to be accurate, individual cells will be modelled by empirically testing thermal and electrochemical behaviour. Then, at a second stage, this will be scaled-up with a complete battery module will be model being virtually evaluated as in a real vehicle.  
  • Testing of the pack for safety aspects, taking into account thermal, mechanical and electric validation, paving the way for future certification. Experimental evaluation will be performed for an isolated cell to measure heat transfer and gas evacuation, among other parameters. A kinetic-chemical model will be developed to represent such a phenomenon and virtually evaluate the battery pack performance. Fire mitigation measures in case of failure will be implemented, if required.  

Acronym: MODALT

Tittle: Research on high-performance storage for high-power electric mobility

ID: INNEST/2022/153

Budget: 828.194,81 €

Duration: 25 months (01/09/2022 – 30/09/2024) 

Programme: Agencia Valenciana de Innovación – Proyectos Estratégicos en Cooperación 

Partners: Zeleros (cordinator), Universitat Politècnica de València, Instituto CMT, AIMPLAS – Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico, Ziur Composite Solutions 


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