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A global hyperloop network: the vision

Zeleros works hand in hand with forward-thinking Governments, mobility operators, investment funds, industries and researchers to develop the global hyperloop network. Together, we accelerate the transition towards a greener mobility.

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Boston Washington DC
  • 638.44 km
  • - 18.58 kg/pax CO2
  • 57 m
Hyperloop 57m
Plane 1h 20m
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Wuhan Chengdu
  • 981 km
  • - 25.57 kg/pax CO2
  • 1 h 11 m
Hyperloop 1h 11m
Plane 1h 55m
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Sydney Melbourne
  • 713 km
  • - 20.58 kg/pax CO2
  • 0 h 54 m
Hyperloop 0h 54m
Plane 1h 25m
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Paris Berlin
  • 877 km
  • - 23.01 kg/pax CO2
  • 1 h 07 m
Hyperloop 1h 07m
Plane 1h 45m
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Abu Dhabi Dubai
  • 129 km
  • - 7.24 kg/pax CO2
  • 11 m
Hyperloop 0h 11m
Plane 20m
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Delhi Kolkata
  • 1.313 km
  • - 30.39 kg/pax CO2
  • 1 h 35 m
Hyperloop 1h 35m
Plane 2h 35m
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Bangkok Singapore
  • 1.440 km
  • - 3.12 kg/pax CO2
  • 2 h 09 m
Hyperloop 2h 09m
Plane 2h 15m
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The hyperloop infrastructure: scalability in the center.

With infrastructure costs accounting for up to 95% in similar construction projects, Zeleros and partners have designed the hyperloop infrastructure to minimize complexity and costs during construction and maintenance.


City center to city center

Hyperloop stations are multimodal hubs conveniently located in the city centers, where high-speed rail, underground, bus, and other transport modes converge.



Fast and secure boarding

Inside the station, passengers board the pods with a fast and secure process. Once the pod doors close, the passengers fasten their seatbelts and the journey starts.


Pressure balancing system

The pods enter an airlock, a tube section where the pumping system extracts the air, setting the desired level of operation. Meanwhile, inside the cabin passengers are comfortably seated at ambient pressure.

Despresurizador de hyperloop


Smooth takeoff and landing

The airlock doors open and the pods are ready for take-off. Zeleros’ highly efficient switched reluctance linear motor accelerates gradually the pod to cruise speed. The system can also be used for braking.

Estructura Fhecor y Zeleros

Scalable hyperloop infrastructure

Infrastructure cost accounts for nearly 95% in projects like roads, high-speed rail, maglev, and also hyperloop. Reducing infrastructure cost per kilometer is one of the key benefits of Zeleros' system.

Estructura Fhecor y Zeleros

Simplified infrastructure maintenance

Operating at aviation pressure levels minimizes maintenance costs of Zeleros infrastructure, ensuring the low-pressure environment can be maintained sustainably along thousands of kilometers.

Estructura Fhecor y Zeleros

Weather-proof operations

Zeleros hyperloop infrastructure maximizes service availability and minimizes disruptions thanks to its enclosed tube environment, ensuring operations in almost any weather condition.

Estructura Fhecor y Zeleros

Integration with the environment

Several infrastructure topologies like viaducts, tunnels or bridges have been designed to adapt to different orographies and integrate seamlessly with the environment.

Estructura Fhecor y Zeleros

Zero-carbon infrastructure

The use of renewable energies to power the fully electric infrastructure makes it possible to achieve a zero-carbon system, that can even feed energy back to the grid.

Estructura Fhecor y Zeleros

Reduced expropriation needs

At surface level, instead of laying the tracks at ground level, Zeleros' hyperloop infrastructure is elevated, minimizing the expropriation needs and speeding up route deployment processes.

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