Towards industrial electromobility technology

Zeleros strengthens its shareholder base and boosts its business towards industrial electromobility technologies

Welcome to our new brand identity, which represents Zeleros’ new stage. We are instensifying our focus on electrification and automation technologies to serve sectors such as maritime, aerospace, defence, railway and logistics.

Three key aspects about this new phase:

  • Zeleros’ strategic plan will focus on two of our key developments: battery and electrification technologies, and transportation automation systems.
  • Impulse Tech Fund participates in the company to promote industrial and R&D projects.
  • In this new stage, Zeleros remains active in hyperloop development and participates in the European industrial alliance Hyperloop Development Program.

Zeleros, the Spanish company pioneer in the development of hyperloop transport technologies, is embarking on a new stage focused on boosting its business by adapting its electrification and automation technologies for the mobility sector, supported by a capital increase. This new phase updates the strategic plan of the Valencian company, applying the know-how generated over the last 7 years to segments such as logistics, marine, aerospace and defence

Transport electrification is already a reality, as is the gradual introduction of autonomous navigation. Thus, this change in the company’s strategy represents a contribution of its competencies, technology, and products both in the field of power system electrification, especially with proprietary products such as batteries, as well as in advanced control systems that allow monitoring and automating vehicle navigation.

In this line, the company works hand in hand with vehicle manufacturers from various sectors to enhance the value of these technologies and meet the demands of the current and future industry. In addition, Zeleros works with several clients in the development of advanced mobility systems, such as the SELF system for autonomous and emission-free container transportation in ports. Similarly, it collaborates with the naval sector, providing the design and integration of electric powertrains, besides to maintaining its plans to develop storage systems for the aerospace sector. An example of this is its collaboration with the national aeronautical reference ITP Aero in its training for the arrival of electric aviation. 

Milestones that mark the new path initiated by Zeleros, as explained by David Pistoni, CEO and co-founder of Zeleros: «We Firmly Believe In This New Strategic Approach And In The Ability To Evolve To Become Leaders In The Field Of Sustainable Transportation Technology».
«Together With The Support Of Our Shareholders, This New Approach, Parallel To The Development Of Hyperloop-Related Technologies, Will Allow Us To Seize New Business Opportunities While Continuing To Advance Our Mission Of Transforming The Future Of Mobility With Hyperloop”
 Adds The Executive.

HyperTrack SELF Puerto de Sagunto

Currently, Zeleros is one of the seven unique companies worldwide leading the development of hyperloop technologies. After reaching a crucial stage of technological validation, the company is expanding its commercial focus towards related business niches that will allow it to continue advancing in this project. 

The company also takes advantage of this new phase to renew its brand image and launch a new corporate website that collects both its new business lines, including its Latitude and Azimut batteries for electric vehicles, as well as its progress to date.


Shareholder Support and New Incorporation

Zeleros addresses its new business direction while maintaining the support of its main shareholders. Impulse Tech Fund, a fund that supports the execution of technological projects, has joined this support.  

This partnership will strengthen the company’s financial base, in addition to providing the Valencian firm with the opportunity to collaborate in the generation of highly qualified jobs and the promotion of technological innovation projects. 

Pistoni, assures that this partnership is a significant milestone in their new period, which strengthens their position as leaders in sustainable transportation technologies, and adds:

The support of Impulse Tech Fund demonstrates its commitment to innovation and its confidence in Zeleros’ potential to drive technological and industrial developments. At Zeleros, we are committed to working closely with our ecosystem to make the most of this opportunity and move towards a future of sustainable and efficient mobility”. 


About Zeleros

Zeleros is the leading Spanish company in the development of hyperloop technologies that offers electrification and automation solutions in the field of mobility in sectors such as marine, aerospace, defence or logistics, among others.

Pioneers in the transition to a smarter and cleaner mobility, Zeleros presents itself as an electrification and automation partner, offering a cross-cutting, customized, and Spain-branded service. Thanks to its track record in disruptive projects such as hyperloop, they have acquired know-how that allows them to offer agile engineering in complex electrification projects or with still very traditional processes, accompanying companies from start to finish and with a clear focus on efficiency and sustainability.

Zeleros is supported by renowned industrial players from around the world such as ACCIONA, Elewit, EIT Innoenergy, CAF, ITP Aero, ArcelorMittal, or Capgemini Engineering, as well as private investors such as Angels Capital (Spain), Plug and Play (USA), Road Ventures (Switzerland), and Goldacre (UK), who have supported the project to date. Together with them, the company has also received support from European funds and public bodies such as the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities; the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge through the PERTE-VEC, as well as from the Generalitat Valenciana and the Valencian Innovation Agency. 

Additionally, Zeleros collaborates with research centers such as CIEMAT, UPV, UPM, and is active in the USA, the Middle East, and North Africa and Asia, to achieve global impact and reach potential customers.



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