Zeleros has had a busy, interesting year. Important technical milestones have been achieved, transitioning from static to dynamic test benches with the current construction of #HyperTrackSagunto and further advancing its hyperloop propulsion system differential proposal.

Zeleros has grown in terms of partners, with ITPAero becoming a corporate investor and an industrial partner. Key tests have also been completed with ArcelorMittal to select optimum materials for hyperloop.

As for business expansion, the company is currently developing two solutions that both validate hyperloop key technologies and adapt to fit other transport markets looking for sustainable, electric, automated options.

Also, the hyperloop ecosystem has worked together, making clear advancements in the regulatory and standards framework to make hyperloop ready to operate.

Zeleros was actively present in different forums worldwide to keep building up alliances and had a constant and fruitful dialogue about the impact and expectations of hyperloop with authorities, institutions, companies, and academia.

The company has grown in experience and consolidated a talented team of more than 50 individuals from several backgrounds and solid trajectories.

We envision a great year 2023, with persistent evolution and milestones that keep consolidating Zeleros vision to improve and go beyond the limits of mobility.

We take the space to thank all that make this revolutionary project a reality every day.  

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