Zeleros is developing a disruptive hyperloop-inspired system that is able to carry passenger and cargo at 1200km/h with high energy-efficiency and infrastructure cost reduction.

Up to 1200 km/h

Travel at speeds 3x faster than conventional high-speed ground transport systems with extreme comfort


Emissions-free transportation designed with nature in mind. Capable of pushing past boundaries and among the first energy positive transportation systems


The optimization of vehicle technologies allows Zeleros to reduce the cost of infrastructure increasing scalability for implementing medium and long distance routes.

Do you want to be at the forefront of technology and develop with us the future of global mobility?

Proyecto “Investigación de sistema de atracción magnética y construcción de prototipo para el desarrollo de un sistema de levitación por atracción y por electroimanes para sistema de transporte de alta velocidad” subvencionado por los fondos FEDER, dentro del Programa Operativo de la Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020 con la cantidad de 49.988,63€ bajo el programa CREATEC-CV.

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