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Custom Electric Batteries

Zeleros offers customized battery solutions, covering from conceptualization to production and certification. We engage with OEMs vehicle development programs taking the responsibility as Tier 1 of the battery system.

Tailored e-Drivetrains

We take competences in the scouting and selection of off-the-shelf components building the powertrain, as well as the design at electric, electronic, and mechanical level.

Custom Electric Batteries

120 kWh, 800V

Máximum values at battery pack levels


All our batteries are designed to be stackable


Our annual access to manufacturing capabilities

Certification & Tests

Thanks to our strong alliances in the industry

Tailored e-Drivetrain

Design & Engineering

Powertrain architecture design customized to your needs


Tailored component selection & purchase


At all levels: mechanical, electrical, and electronic


Installation of the full system in the chassis taking into account the vehicle dynamics

Our products

Designed with the highest standards

From the concept to the latest details, our batteries are designed to maximize efficiency and ensure long-lasting durability

What do you need?

Yes, we make custom batteries, but we also offer a portfolio of available products. Our market analysts have discovered two types of batteries that are capable of fulfilling many of our customer needs.

If you need POWER
choose Azimut

If you need BALANCE
choose Latitude

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Our services

cell modeling

Cell Modelling

We help you decide & validate which chemistry, format, and dimension that fits better to your target application

Cell Selection
Select the most appropriate cell in terms of chemistry, format, and dimensions to cover the customer specifications

Cell Validation
Independent cell validation process to verify the quality and performance announced by the cell supplier


Pack Design

We design, manufacture and test a module ad-hoc for your needs

Electrical Architecture
Design of the electrical architecture at module level, including components and critical processes such as welding methods

Mechanical Architecture
Customized mechanical design of the module based on computational simulations to analyze the mechanical stability vs. the expected vehicle dynamics


thermal modelling

Thermal Modelling

Tailored thermal strategies to maximize performance and safety

Thermal Modelling
Thermal analysis & simulation of the battery operation using FEM & CFD

Cooling Systems
Custom development of the cooling system based on the modelling results to ensure proper operation

Management System
Implementation of strategies to avoid thermal runaway propagation (venting caps, encapsulants, fire protection…)


Battery Management System

High-class customized battery software
In-house development of digital-twins of the batteries’ behavior based on the cell testing results (Model-Based Design Engineering), which allows us to obtain customized BMS algorithms of high accuracy (average of >98% match in existing references)


Prototype & Certificate

Customized integration & industrialization to the specific constrains and needs of your vehicle

Battery Distribution Unit
Development of the BDU, selecting the most appropriate components to ensure safe operation through instant shutdown mechanisms

Safety/Certification Analysis
Analysis of safety requirements based on standard regulations / legislations



Series Production

Cutting-edge facilities at our disposal to prototype, manufacture, test, and industrialize customized battery designs. The plant serves not only zeleros but other battery developers aiming to extend their manufacturing capacity


of annual manufacturing capacity




All-Electric Commuter Aircraft Battery Concept

Hypercar Battery Concept Design

Hyperloop e-Powertrain Prototype

1MW e-Powertrain Prototype

eVTOL Battery Concept Design

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