A global hyperloop network

Societies are facing one of the most critical challenges in centuries: climate change. The time to come up with real solutions to decarbonize mobility is now. That’s why Zeleros and partners have realised one of the most comprehensive hyperloop studies todate, to help Governments, key decision makers in organisations and society understand the potential of hyperloop to decarbonize and make more efficient the field of intercity mobility.

At Zeleros, together with our network of international partners, we have done a deep-dive on the different regions of the world together with experts in mobility from every region, highlighting the routes with highest implementation potential, the opportunity in terms of emissions saved, passenger and freight transported, as well as economic impact generated of implementing the different hyperloop corridors.

The global impact by 2050

Highlights 2050


Contributors 2050 Hyperloop Network

Download the full Zeleros’ Vision 2050 report:

  • A Global Hyperloop Network - Vision 2050 by Zeleros and partners

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