Zeleros has been granted a project under the Neotec 2018 program for the development of a propulsion system for Hyperloop transportation media. The project focuses on the propulsion subsystem for a hyperloop vehicle prototype at scale (1:4). The development of new propulsion systems is one of the biggest challenges for the implementation of hyperloop, and at the same time, propulsion systems are applicable for other fields of application such as logistics, aerospace and automotive, among others. This will enable Zeleros to capacitate and develop technology towards moving forward in its ambitious entrepreneurial plan.


TitleDevelopment of a propulsion system for Hyperloop transportation media
ID SNEO-20181089
Budget357.420 €
Duration12 months (01/01/2019 – 31/12/2019)
ProgrammeNEOTEC 2018
FundingProject subsidized byCDTI, financed by the General State Budget under application 27.12.467C.74908.


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